Robertson-Burnett Family

The journeys our families made from four corners of Britain to NZ

James Burnett and Martha Fletcher

James and Martha married in Derbyshire in 1852, immigrated to Auckland, then Whangarei and settled in Nelson. James was an engineer and surveyor of note and recognised in the naming of Burnett Face, Denniston.


These pages show the family history of Glen Robertson and Barbara Burnett from Karori, Wellington. The family has it's origins and ancestry from four corners of britain - the Arcus family of Shetland and the Robertson's from Glasgow, the Burnetts of Ovingham, Northumberland, the Pethericks of Cornwall, and the Tassells from Kent. I am grateful to the work of my father Glen Robertson, and my Uncle and Aunt Bert and Monica Olsson who did much of the groundwork that formed the foundation of these pages and to the web genealogy community for making it easy to add branches.

James Petherick

James Petherick was a carpenter in Helston Cornwall, but after his first wife Mary Ann Gritten died in 1838 followed by a daughter in 1839, he took his mother, his five children, his younger brother George, and his future second wife Mary Wade and immigrated to Wellington on the Aurora arriving in 1840 and became one of New Zealand's first wave of immigrants from Britain.