Robertson-Burnett Family

The journeys our families made from four corners of Britain to NZ

New Zealand



Latitude: -40.9005570, Longitude: 174.8859710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arcus, Olive Ellen  14 Jun 1904New Zealand I38
2 Aslin, Dorothy  1890New Zealand I4698996
3 Black, Jessie Robertson  1858New Zealand I2076299
4 Boor, Mary Louisa  27 Jan 1859New Zealand I503200
5 Boor, Millicent Arnold  27 Oct 1869New Zealand I252
6 Brown, Ellen Ann  1876New Zealand I4699015
7 Burnett, Alice Florence  Feb 1884New Zealand I150
8 Burnett, Barbara Alice  1863New Zealand I160
9 Burnett, Ellen  Nov 1873New Zealand I146
10 Burnett, Ethel Mary  1879New Zealand I171
11 Burnett, Frank  Jan 1878New Zealand I148
12 Burnett, George Henry  Jul 1874New Zealand I147
13 Burnett, Helen  1866New Zealand I162
14 Burnett, Hubert  1861New Zealand I159
15 Burnett, Hubert Gibson  5 Sep 1883New Zealand I173
16 Burnett, James Edmund Maurice  13 Jun 1882New Zealand I172
17 Burnett, Jane Woodward  1859New Zealand I158
18 Burnett, Olive Mildred  Jan 1880New Zealand I149
19 Campbell, Ernest Percival  1866New Zealand I4699005
20 Campbell, Ernest William  1901New Zealand I4699008
21 Campbell, Lionel Edward  1904New Zealand I4699006
22 Cottle, Ethel Mildred  1908New Zealand I483
23 Cottle, Harold Wyndham  1888New Zealand I486
24 Cottle, Vera Alice Windsor  1885New Zealand I485
25 Danby, Gladys Cornelia Beuthin  14 Mar 1890New Zealand I1005084
26 Fairbairn, Margaret Maude "Maggie"  1899New Zealand I4698977
27 Fairbairn, Violet Evelyn  4 Apr 1890New Zealand I4698983
28 Gawith, Stella Ethel Mary  1908New Zealand I4699031
29 Horrax, Heather Mary  2 Jul 1912New Zealand I439
30 Kay, John Malcolm  1906New Zealand I1535008
31 King, James Frank  1879New Zealand I4699055
32 Knell, Annie Louisa  20 Mar 1874New Zealand I418
33 Knell, Edward Percival  15 Apr 1876New Zealand I419
34 Knell, Eleanor Mary Frances Ruth  8 Aug 1868New Zealand I415
35 Knell, Ethelwyn Emily  25 Jul 1872New Zealand I417
36 Knell, Frank  6 Mar 1867New Zealand I420
37 Knell, Leonard Sydney  7 Nov 1870New Zealand I416
38 Lomax, Eleanor  1860New Zealand I484
39 Petherick, Isabella Julia  1866New Zealand I184
40 Petherick, James William  13 Jun 1892New Zealand I187
41 Prior, Annie Jane  1874New Zealand I4699019
42 Reid, Eric Alban  1876New Zealand I190
43 Rough, Albert George  1875New Zealand I4136843
44 Rough, Albert George  27 Sep 1875New Zealand I4698956
45 Rough, Chandos  1890New Zealand I4136847
46 Rough, Chandos  27 May 1890New Zealand I4698951
47 Rough, Ernest Samuel  30 Nov 1887New Zealand I4698948
48 Rough, Ethel Frances  1901New Zealand I4699020
49 Rough, James Ernest  1879New Zealand I4136845
50 Rough, Lilly  18 Jan 1881New Zealand I4698954

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth Margaret  2012New Zealand I1528362
2 Arcus, Anne Barbara  1931New Zealand I695
3 Arcus, Darol Victor  2018New Zealand I71
4 Arcus, James  1927New Zealand I694
5 Arcus, Janet  1921New Zealand I691
6 Arcus, Laurence Einer  Apr 1985New Zealand I218
7 Arcus, Thomas Smith  13 Mar 1951New Zealand I693
8 Battersby, Marie  2013New Zealand I1207
9 Boor, Edith Johnstone  Abt 1952New Zealand I237
10 Boor, Mary Louisa  Nov 1939New Zealand I503200
11 Brown, Ellen Ann  1944New Zealand I4699015
12 Burnett, Alice Florence  1884New Zealand I150
13 Burnett, Barbara Alice  1930New Zealand I160
14 Burnett, Ellen  1873New Zealand I146
15 Burnett, Ethel Mary  1976New Zealand I171
16 Burnett, Frank  1878New Zealand I148
17 Burnett, George Henry  1875New Zealand I147
18 Burnett, Hubert  1941New Zealand I159
19 Burnett, James  24 Feb 1872New Zealand I136
20 Burnett, Olive Mildred  3 Aug 1958New Zealand I149
21 Burnett, Sarah  May 1909New Zealand I143
22 Campbell, Ernest William  1929New Zealand I4699008
23 Campbell, Gladys Lilian  16 Dec 1960New Zealand I4699007
24 Campbell, Lionel Edward  1967New Zealand I4699006
25 Cook, Kathleen Gertrude  21 Aug 1956New Zealand I1012368
26 Cottle, Alice  1924New Zealand I208
27 Cottle, Charlotte Lucretia  1941New Zealand I212
28 Cottle, Ethel Mildred  2002New Zealand I483
29 Cottle, Frances  13 Jan 1926New Zealand I145
30 Cottle, Henry  1895New Zealand I205
31 Cottle, Lawrence  1910New Zealand I211
32 Cottle, Richard Wyatt  1896New Zealand I206
33 Cottle, Thomas  1923New Zealand I204
34 Cottle, Vera Alice Windsor  1951New Zealand I485
35 Fairbairn, Alison Mary  24 Jun 1979New Zealand I4698978
36 Fairbairn, Ivy Irene  Aft 1963New Zealand I4698980
37 Fairbairn, Margaret Maude "Maggie"  1993New Zealand I4698977
38 Gibson, Ellen  1939New Zealand I12
39 Gibson, Wilson  16 Dec 1928New Zealand I495
40 Gratton, Polly  1911New Zealand I1013
41 Johnson, Thomas  1908New Zealand I987
42 Kay, John Bruce  2014New Zealand I1536346
43 Kay, John Malcolm  1975New Zealand I1535008
44 Kempthorne, Geoffrey Aldous  10 Jan 1982New Zealand I510668
45 Kempthorne, Wilfred Harold  May 1934New Zealand I1005081
46 Kennedy, Muriel Edith  New Zealand I4699063
47 King, James Frank  1955New Zealand I4699055
48 Knell, Eleanor Mary Frances Ruth  17 Aug 1951New Zealand I415
49 Knell, William James  16 Sep 1952New Zealand I414
50 Lomax, Eleanor  1935New Zealand I484

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Arcus, Laurence  1892New Zealand I82
2 Arcus, Samuel Morton  1892New Zealand I65
3 Arcus, William Clark  1892New Zealand I79
4 Olphert, Wybrants  1919New Zealand I427


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MARR    Person ID 
1 Petherick, Elizabeth  1862New Zealand I655


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Ballantyne, Peter James  1914New Zealand I4698990
2 Burnett, Hubert Gibson  1914New Zealand I173
3 Burnett, James Edmund Maurice  1914New Zealand I172
4 King, James Frank  1914New Zealand I4699055
5 Packard, Florence Evelyn  1975New Zealand I4699027
6 Rough, Albert George  1914New Zealand I4698956
7 Rough, Reynold Austin  1914New Zealand I4698950
8 Rough, Walter Denton  1914New Zealand I4698952
9 Rough, William Percy  1914New Zealand I4698955
10 Weir, Robert Stanley  1914New Zealand I4699053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fairbairn, Hunter Page  New Zealand I4698981


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Orr  1884New Zealand F251
2 Arcus / Gosney  1875New Zealand F262
3 Ballantyne / Rough  1892New Zealand F3028744
4 Ballantyne / Rough  1892New Zealand F3540503
5 Brooker / Vipond  Abt 1918New Zealand F101
6 Burnett / Cottle  1873New Zealand F46
7 Cottle / Sollett  1905New Zealand F91
8 Fairbairn / Rough  1879New Zealand F3540502
9 Kempthorne / Clunies-Ross  1905New Zealand F1001403
10 Kempthorne / Sylvester  1927New Zealand F1001404
11 McDonald / Rough  1895New Zealand F3028743
12 Petherick / Tocker  1853New Zealand F134
13 Reid / Burnett  1929New Zealand F51
14 Reid / Calman  1903New Zealand F85
15 Rough / Erridge  1874New Zealand F3028738
16 Rough / Erridge  1874New Zealand F3540497
17 Rough / Macdonald  1879New Zealand F3028741
18 Ward / Kempthorne  1939New Zealand F503146