Robertson-Burnett Family

The journeys our families made from four corners of Britain to NZ

Shetland Islands, Scotland



Latitude: 60.5296507, Longitude: -1.2659409


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Helen  1810Shetland Islands, Scotland I1062
2 Marjory  1803Shetland Islands, Scotland I888
3 Aitken, Catherine  1859Shetland Islands, Scotland I1125
4 Aitken, Isabella  1869Shetland Islands, Scotland I1128
5 Aitken, James  1867Shetland Islands, Scotland I1127
6 Aitken, John  1830Shetland Islands, Scotland I1123
7 Aitken, John  1856Shetland Islands, Scotland I1124
8 Aitken, Margaret  1864Shetland Islands, Scotland I1126
9 Aitken, Mary Ann  1876Shetland Islands, Scotland I1130
10 Aitken, Ursula  1872Shetland Islands, Scotland I1129
11 Anderson, Alexander  1802Shetland Islands, Scotland I975
12 Anderson, Grace  1848Shetland Islands, Scotland I977
13 Anderson, Thomas  1854Shetland Islands, Scotland I978
14 Arcus, Adam  1849Shetland Islands, Scotland I758
15 Arcus, Christina  1832Shetland Islands, Scotland I711
16 Arcus, Christina  1832Shetland Islands, Scotland I782
17 Arcus, Elizabeth  1841Shetland Islands, Scotland I781
18 Arcus, Elizabeth  1849Shetland Islands, Scotland I747
19 Arcus, Grace  1836Shetland Islands, Scotland I756
20 Arcus, James  3 Mar 1857Shetland Islands, Scotland I878
21 Arcus, Jane  1852Shetland Islands, Scotland I759
22 Arcus, Jane  15 Jun 1866Shetland Islands, Scotland I881
23 Arcus, Janet  24 Dec 1863Shetland Islands, Scotland I882
24 Arcus, John  1854Shetland Islands, Scotland I749
25 Arcus, John  1854Shetland Islands, Scotland I789
26 Arcus, Laurence  1803Shetland Islands, Scotland I709
27 Arcus, Laurence  1803Shetland Islands, Scotland I780
28 Arcus, Margery  1862Shetland Islands, Scotland I880
29 Arcus, Marjory  9 Jan 1794Shetland Islands, Scotland I529
30 Arcus, Mary  8 Aug 1875Shetland Islands, Scotland I883
31 Arcus, Robert  1859Shetland Islands, Scotland I879
32 Arcus, Sinclair  1861Shetland Islands, Scotland I750
33 Arcus, Sinclair  1861Shetland Islands, Scotland I790
34 Arcus, Ursilla  1840Shetland Islands, Scotland I757
35 Burgess, George  1818Shetland Islands, Scotland I800
36 Burgess, Margaret  1846Shetland Islands, Scotland I803
37 Colvin, Walter  1810Shetland Islands, Scotland I1178
38 Gaudie, Elisabeth Peterson  1818Shetland Islands, Scotland I814
39 Gilbertson, Ann  1859Shetland Islands, Scotland I703
40 Gilbertson, Ellen  1868Shetland Islands, Scotland I704
41 Gilbertson, Harry  1849Shetland Islands, Scotland I719
42 Gilbertson, Margaret  1848Shetland Islands, Scotland I715
43 Goudie, Bruce  1863Shetland Islands, Scotland I820
44 Goudie, George  1861Shetland Islands, Scotland I819
45 Goudie, Janet  1855Shetland Islands, Scotland I818
46 Goudie, Laurenah  1871Shetland Islands, Scotland I824
47 Goudie, Margery  1865Shetland Islands, Scotland I821
48 Goudie, Seliah  1869Shetland Islands, Scotland I823
49 Goudie, Sinclair  1875Shetland Islands, Scotland I826
50 Goudie, Thomas  1877Shetland Islands, Scotland I827

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arcus, Andrew  Shetland Islands, Scotland I551